Where to start…

Where to start?

What I have learned from setting up my own creative business is that the only way to get things done is just to start and learn by doing and making many many mistakes and just keep going till you get better. It’s tough in the beginning, especially when you are such a perfectionist as I am, but ever since I just let go and just do because of the sake of the joy it, I was overwhelmed by the happiness it brought me.

I think we are imprinted with the idea everything we do needs to be useful, the world thinks in efficiency and in results. As a child I could be making jewellery with tiny beads for hours in a row and I loved it, not necessarily for the result, but I thought it was a calming activity where I would just use my hands and didn’t have to think. Nowadays I wouldn’t have the patience for it, because I could better spent that time “useful”. And I think this is exactly what destroys creativity and happiness. Ever since I started studying I always felt I wasn’t really in the right place, but I didn’t know what I did wanted to do. As most young adolescents it were confusing years of trying to figure out who you are. I never felt really happy and I kind of lost that creative part in me. Then after I started working in work that wasn’t satisfying I felt intuitively I needed to get creative to feed myself and get new energy. There just was no other way. So I started knitting, painting, cooking and sewing and it would just give me enough energy to get trough the days and release the pressure I felt. So that’s how I rediscovered the healing properties of being creative. And over the last years decisions and situations pushed me in the direction of starting a creating business and truly trying to be more myself and do the things I love!

Writing is something else I love. What I like about writing is that I have time to think about things before I write it down, because I feel I kind of need that time to make sense out of my thoughts. Some people are really sharp and quick  and for me it just takes a bit of time before the right words come up or something. Besides that I have always been very conscious of what I am saying, you could also call it shy, while in other things I am not shy at all. It’s just one of these things.

Anyway I don’t know if I am particularly good in writing, but I enjoy it so much and I would like to get better in it, so tadaa! That’s why I started this blog! 🙂 Because my new thing is to do, not to think. And to do only the things I love, not those things I thought I have to do, but that’s another story.

I am not sure where this blog will go to, but I want it to be a personal blog about: my experiences setting up creative business making botanical jewellery and to give tips; my own psychology behind creativity and other concepts like flow, my love for nature and Ireland and sharing intriguing stories behind flowers and plants.