Where to start…

If I learned one thing from setting up a small creative business, it is that you have to stop thinking too much and just start doing the things you like and learn by making many many mistakes.

It can be tough in the beginning, especially when you are a perfectionist like me. I got so frustrated if things would go wrong and I wanted to give it up many times. But at this point I am so happy I just kept going, because I can see how much progress I made and I am just filled with joy when I am working on my jewellery or webshop. And I feel so empowered to keep going and confident that I can build this business to the point I can live from it completely.

It also made me think about other things I could do that might help develop my business but I would also just love to do. One thing I always liked is writing. What I like most about it is that it gives you time to think about things before you wright it down. Some people are really sharp and quick in their thinking, I feel like I kind of need that time to make sense out of my thoughts. Therefore I love to keep diaries, it helps me to find out why I am feeling a certain way or just analyze situations. Another thing is that I have a terrible memory and thus it is a good thing to write things down so I can read it back. Other than diaries I did a bit of content writing in jobs and now I have to write product descriptions, but except from my traveling blog for friends, I’ve never really wrote publicly about my personal experiences and thoughts. Since I feel so inspired by what happened to me when I decided to quite my job and start something for myself, I am very excited to try out writing a blog and share some of my experiences and ideas.

I don’t exactly know yet how this blog will look like, but I thought I should just start šŸ™‚ Globally, I want it to be personal blog about my experiences setting up my creative business, my philosophy about creativity and other concepts like flow and share my love for nature and obtained knowledge about flowers and plants.

I’ll keep it short this time. Tips and feedback are very welcome. Have a lovely Sunday everyone!




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